Sunday, December 14, 2008

Review: "Universal Mind Control" - Common

First and foremost, I gotta give it up to Common for making his album available for 99 cents. Shows that he really just wants his music to be heard. Still, I stay non-biased and I'ma still review it like I would anything.

Conscious, calm, collected, thoughtful, lyrically provokin'. These are the vocabulary spills that come out when you hear the name Common Sense. Like many artists this year, changin' it up is what it's all about, whether is be T.I. goin' back to his pen & paper roots, Kanye goin' full out vocal, or even go as far as to say Luda wit Premo on Theater of the Mind. Everyone seems to be changin' their style, and for their artistic and personal abilities. Kanye with his ex and death of his mother (r.i.p) inspires him, and for Common, the roots back to fun hip-hop and lyrics witha summer vibe drench this album.

First off, the intro combined into UMC, starts off with a French woman that goes straight into the bangin' Universal Mind Control (Music Video), a late tribute to Grandfather Afrika Bambaataa. This Pharrell produced joint was also the first single (along wit Announcement), and one of the highlights to the album. The chorus does a good job of showin' how really different this album is.

"[Chorus: Pharrell]
This is that new shit, keep 'em standing in line
That universal, mind control now move yo' behind
Uh, you know you like it; it's calling yo' name
Nigga, this is that new shit, and it don't feel the same
It's got that dang da-da-dang d-dang-a-dang dang..."

Nah, it really doesn't. Cause the next track, Punch Drunk Love is definitely not like Common. This features Kanye West, who just provides a lackluster hook with the same auto-tune shit, which I personally am not a fan. But even without, the track was a bad follow to UMC, with it's strange vibe and awkward lyrics for the male hip-hop fan. Definitely aimed at the ladies. The next track, Make My Day, features Cee-Lo, and was my favorite track on the work. It really had that summer vibe, and had gives you that image of that chick you wanna be with durin' the summer. Lyrics are real elementary though, but not bad. Paints the image and gives it straight up.

Now is when shit gets bumpy. The album goes into the track where most of the criticism comes from, Sex 4 Suga. This track was, man, just straight bad. The chorus was not creative and creepy as fuck really if you a straight dude. Not feelin' this though, even if Common's intention was just really about sex. We have enough shit about sex out in the music realm. Takin' a change in direction, the album takes a straight turn and this is where the album gets a lil' better. Gladiator is a hard-hittin' track wit a simple and soft chorus, but Common goes hard wit the lyrics and spits real well. No commercial shit here, just a great joint.

Changes is next, and this is more of the same ol' as far as the production. Summer vibe wit a almost drowsy feel, but it mostly addresses Barack Obama's recent campaign and Common's certainty of Obama's victory. Somewhat back to his roots of consciousness, but keepin' with his new feel as well. Just an ok track, almost put me to sleep though. Sends a good message as well, yet Common seems a lil' cocky, especially with the little girl at the end saying change is Obama and...himself as well. You can catch a video review of his album by Common himself at the end of the review, and you can really tell that he might be overconfident in his work.

What A World busts up next, with an obvious Neptune's production. This song is too N.E.R.D.-like as far as the music vibe goes. The start feels like it's goin' into "You Know What", and the beat and hook is just like "Anti-Matter". Common feels like he loses the edge he had at the start of the album, and the lyrics are somewhere else. Not anywhere good or terrible. Really, these last few tracks feel like fillers. The beat doesn't fit Common's flow too well, and the lyrics don't wow.

"The hunger of a homeless
Played the game - it got a bonus
Man is the plan
The master like Tiger
So much is the drive
I am the definition of a rider
Daughter's name means survivor
From a tribe-a
Just one word can't describe her
A scribe of the streets
And a good life that we all wanna reach
I'm hotter than a beach
Flow is so deep
Even underwater
I can inhale to bring the world in order"

Everywhere, the last track on the official album, is a simple track, and more so showcases Martina Topley Bird, who sounds like she don't know where the hell she is. But really, Common provides one short, un-highlight verse. A not-so-11/10 track Mr. Sense.

Common has always been a favorite of mine, but there are plenty of times where he can come across as boring. Universal Mind Control shows some wack, and nice sides of him. Here is Common's bold review on his own album.

Do Words Bond (Lyrical): 5.5 out of 10
Is the Mic Loud & The Production Tight (Musical Feel): 7 out of 10

Overall: 6.5 out of 10

- Kage
Comments: My first album review, and man did I write a shit load. Much love to anyone who reads through the thing haha.

Video: Peter Rosenberg Interviews DJ Premier On the Making of "Nas Is Like"

Wow, amazing how classics are just created. Speechless.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Charles Hamilton - The Pink Lavalamp (Album)

It's Here. The Final Step in the Hamiltonization Process.
His first album, with Interscope Records, and done before he was signed. Great shit, if you missed out on his mixtapes, do ya self a fava and download them.

1. Music (Intro)
2. Loser
3. She’s So High
4. Voices
5. Boy Who Cried Wolf
6. Let Me Live (feat. Bagdad)
7. Brighter Days
8. The Cookout
9. Sat(t)elite
10. Live Life To The Fullest (feat. Yung Nate)
11. Come Back To You
12. Latte
13. Shinin’
14. I’ll Be Around (Outro)
15. Writing In The Sky (Bonus)

Download: Charles Hamilton - The Pink Lavalamp (Album)

All tracks explained in his blog post.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Update: Jay-Z, Soundtracks, Politics, and more

I haven't posted in a MONTH so far, and feel pretty shitty about it. Anyways, I always update the Daily Hip-Hop Video, so keep a look out for that, cuz Scarface's "My Block" is an amazing ass video. For the most part I haven't been keeping up because of that damn old jail cell establishment we call high school, but the coldest winter break is commin' up soon. Yea that was a pretty cheesy ass reference to 808's, bu big ups to the boys over at 2h2s on their review of it. Personally, I wasn't feelin' the album at all, but that's just me. 2h2s has a pretty well-written review of it. I will probably review Theater of the Mind as well, because I've been listening to it a lot lately and it's damn good so far.

Some other news as well, the cover for the Notorious soundtrack has been released, and is based off one of the three movie poster choices.

One of the tracks off the album has been released, and holy shit does jigga kill that (and hot damn look at beyonce haha). Download at the bottom.

Brooklyn (Go Hard) - Jay-Z (feat. Santogold) [Produced by Kanye West]

Santogold is a great singer too, I really dig DJ Mike Relm's mix at the Youtube Live performance, look it up.

Much love to the legendary NahRight blog.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"I can flow, you can't though, example"

Lollipop? "Fuck outta here, this is my game, fuck outta here, this is NES shoot the duck out tha rear" - Charles Hamilton (at least that's what I hear it as and remember from the song "Don't Touch Me", def not official lyrics haha, but keep an eye out for CH on the new edition of XXL)

That title post is from dat dude Mos Def! Sick vid commin up...

A PRIME example of hip-hop, [Classic Hip-Hop Video of the Day]

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ludacris and 9th Wonder discuss the making of "Do The Right Thing"

Straight off Luda's new album "Theater of the Mind" droppin' 10/25. Ah man, a really dope song wit a great message, Luda and 9th Wonder really killed that shit. And anyone notice 9th Wonder looks like Mos Def? hahahaha...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

GZA On Soulja Boy & 50 Cent

fuck yeeaahh!
hahhah one of da best vids i ever seen

Daily classic hiphop video

If anyone who pays attention to my blog at the least bit knows i tentatively update my "Daily Classic Hip-Hop Video" located on the right side of the blog everyday so I can hopefully put out some new and classic music to people. If you would like to submit a legit music video to me just email me at

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X): The X-Stamp - Lyrics

So this month our Lit class was assigned a reading, and so I picked "The Autobiography of Malcolm X", and man that shit changed my life. The man was a visionary and you won't believe half the shit he does. We also had a list of assignments we could choose from and one was a rap with a minimum of 20 lines, but I made mine a full 3 verses, way over that. All words are pretty 'proper' no slang or curse words or anything cuz had to turn this in. And I gotta say I"M ADDICTED TO FREESTYLIN' LATELY

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X's Arabic Title): The X-Stamp

[ Verse 1 ]
This is Mr. Malcolm X, known as America's T-Rex
The opposite of Martin Luther, Lex, but Jr. is not Superman
Everyone has a kryptonite, you can win debates but you can't win fights, of hate
The state of the way Malcolm was raised might cause you to ask "Why is the world this way?"
And he's got a few things to say but his mind is clouded, he is jack on the bean stock and society the giant
Finally defiant in the sky his ideals are sprouted, spreading the ideas that the hustlers doubted
But he was once one of them doing coke and coughing flem and smoke from a reefer, as he kept going he got trapped, in a jungle fever
Started robbing homes that's the only way he could pay the dealer, they called him Red from Detroit the over-six-foot-tall stealer
But he's not in Pittsburgh not the Steeler's wide receivers, but the last resort in the line of the Tiger's last relievers
Before he was crazy selling any type of narcotic, he was on the dance floor, the opposite of lathargic
Had a girl named Laura, who he could swore he would just adore her every move, and man, she was thinking he was smooth
It was fine and dandy, both people hitting their groove with moves as sweet as candy,
Soundly at the end, they had all the energy they could spend
'Till a lovely cream-colored lady, spade dress not the least bit shady, saw the colored man
And said "I'm doing what ever I can, to get you", soon, Red was seen around the town with this white women!
Fellas getting jealous because he was that zealous, man on the spot, every colored man wished for a piece of what he got
But he forgot all about Laura, the one he could a sworn to, adore, but instead, shes on the streets poor
Selling her body from door-to-door, even smoking reefers more and more, the ocean's too deep, can't swim no more
looks like shes washed up on the sea shore

[ Chorus x2 ]
Malcolm once known as Red
You don't think he could be who he is by the things he said
He relates to the people, X has street cred
Know look at all the people that he's led

[ Verse 2 ]
Seven years pass, now look at Little Malcolm he wears glass
Thinking about the past, he holds his breath *Gasp*
He's behind bars and he knew it was inevitable, he was too well known, #1 street credible
In isolation, any food was eatable but unable to swallow his minds becoming hallow
The log lodged in his mind is making him doubt mankind behind but his siblings send him letters
That make him feel much better, one letter said there was a new black religion setter
Elijah Muhammad, he's teachings help dislodge it, the log stuck in his mind
Rewind, Islam is making him think of the white man's cruel signs
Lines of words run through his mind, he can barely read or write so he starts reading so much he loses sight
But he still knows the plight that plagues his people, he happened to fall in a deep hole
Soul knows he was set too high a bail, inhale the stench of in justice because of white Sophia
Her husband took her back and didn't even hear a "See Ya", but the years pass fast
He's sailing along doesn't even raise the mast, went from Satan to Black Muslim who's never ate an
Pig, county decides that he should be released from the cell in which he resides, there's a change in tides
You could not even guess where he came from, starting over in N.Y., no more puffing illegal lye
Stopped living in the slums, stopped hanging out with bums, he's an intellectual giant but no more of that "Fee Fi Fo Fum"
Meets his mentor Mr. Muhammad the messenger, and his future wife Betty, nothing less than her

[ Chrous x2 ]
From convict to Islamic, starts spreading the religion it's the chronic
It's so ironic, a man who had a preacher father
Went the wrong route and went farther, and now he's the Black Muslim riot starter

[ Verse 3 ]
Brotherhood turns to betrayal, lining the headline news on T.V. cable
Thinks it's all fable but now he's been labeled, banished by the Nation
Vacation becomes Malcolm's first sensation when he hears of the first ration
He gave his life for Elijah with all that strife, but they just used him and man that logic defies him
Limb by limb he forms his own, hone the religion that got him out of prison
But he's tired of all this pressure that's arisen, he sets a decision
Go on a pilgrimage to the Mecca, Ella pays because she knows her Little brother needs it more
She wants to see him end that journey that he bore and soar above the rest
The crest of the moon doesn't seem far anymore, the core of the religion is his new vision
He experiences hospitality that is far beyond reality, away from all of America's racial brutality
But now Malcolm is like a sniper, the pilgrimage broadened his scope and now he's the new sign of hope
Some see him as Islam's pope but how will the people cope when Malcolm sees the Grim Reaper, ladies cry and become weepers
Rivers of tears will sear down their faces but hopefully will unite the races, but it will take years to make it as that case is

Saturday, September 27, 2008

NOTORIOUS Teaser - 1.16.09

NOTORIOUS Teaser - 1.16.09

The official movie, about Biggie Smalls, as the name shows, was planned out by his mother and will be out January 16. I can't expect too much from it, but it looks like it will be a must see nonetheless. His legacy lives on. R.I.P.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

The mastered edition of 'Love Lockdown' by Kanye West, off his upcoming album 808’s & Heartbreak coming out December 16.
Personally, I don't like it. Just not a good feel, I hate the vocorder and autotune shit.

Download Here: Love Lockdown - Kanye West

Cred for the link goes to the NahRight Blog

Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 — September 13, 1996): 12 Years Ago

Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 — September 13, 1996)
12 years ago, the man who chaged the face of a culture passed away, Tupac Shakur. R.I.P.

"Ambitionz Az A Ridah" by 2Pac

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Regrets: Remembering September, 11th

Click to View and Read

On this day, a staggering amount of people gave their lives. Some innocent, some courageous. We mourn them all. We as Americans stand for everything good and righteous about humans. Sometime we can act ignorant, but on Semptember 11th, we all bonded as a nation. We honor the heroes we helped save those fortunate to escape. We mourn sorrowfully to the ones who gave their live to stop the plane. We mourn the innocent lives of the people in the buildings. We even pray for those near the site, who had to witness such a horrific sight.

On another note, respectfully, we look at the release of Jay-Z's 'The Blueprint'. A CD bumped by many trying to take their minds of the situation. The CD sold an amazing 426,000 copies in the opening week even with this tragedy at hand. Even an NY Rapper can help in some way.

I think you should know the tracklist.

Song Cry - Jay-Z

And God Bless.
"To want to forget something is to remember it. - Jin"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Immortal Technique thoughts...

Damn man...this dude is a fucking beast. He spits rhymes like fire and he actually raps about everything that matters. He's been in so many battles you can see him mouthing the rhymes his opponents are about to spit.

Some classic immortal technique freestyles:

Immortal technique vs diabolic

Immortal Technique vs. Flow

And I think this shit was a major didnt deliver to tha beat but man he killed him, the other dude had some prewritten BS. you the judge.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New lyrics: Go DJ (Remix) Pt.1

A remix of Go DJ by Lil' Wayne and Mannie Fresh. This lil' draft I've been workin' on for about half a week, 3-4 days. The layout is basically, whereever lil' wayne is talkin', I add my own words and rhymes. Feedback appreciated.

[Mannie Fresh talking]
Yea, yea, yea
Grown ups in between, children and babies
Right about now its yo boy, ya heard, back again
DJ Mannie
Fre Fresh Err Fresh
Fre Fresh Err Fresh
Fre Fresh Err Fresh
Fre Fresh Err Fresh

Go DJ, that's my DJ
Go DJ, that's my DJ
Go DJ, that's my DJ
Go DJ, yea
Wit K-A-G-E, step up to the mic dude do watcha do, ya heard

[Kage talking]
You know what equal people, I want ya'll to respect
I don't care about me I mean the DJ
So just be ready to press replay

Say go DJ, cuz that's my DJ
Say go DJ, cuz that's my DJ
Say go DJ, cuz that's my DJ
Say go DJ, cuz that's my cuz that's my

Man I got these lines
From mr. young carter
But he ain't under water
He 500 Degreez
But Gang Starr my steez
I'm the opposite of Young Buck
I ain' neva said please (*echoes*)
and man this shit insane
but man I luh this game
yet the people talk shit
cuz I ain' neva had a bitch
cuz I ain' neva lit a hit
but burned to a crisp
by these rhymes I spit
cool down with a splash
I'm here at cha door at last
Close the way to the past
I'm jumpin on the chance with an overalls n stash
With the blood red, words I neva' said
And the people I neva' lead
But enough about what i didn't
Man who the hell is you kiddin'

[Repeat X2]

I'm 'bout to run like a runnin' back
coach told me to watch the sack
but I said "Nah, I'm just to fast"
he said don't gimme that sass
and a laid his old ass
with a spray of bullets
the principal told me I shoulda neva' do it
but I just ran out the school
just yellin 'im too cool'
for this rap school
and yet I know Mr. West neva' graduated
and Mr. Curtis hated
all the dropout rates
but he ain't gettin good grades
as of late
but tell the common people
to lock up the gates
to this shitty radio state
but its to late
the garbage man is comming
but I just keep running
away from the truth
that this rap game's dying
Commitin' music suicide
Biggie & Marley told me not to let it slide
cuz the haters is all hunters
they won't let it slide
when its all by my side
the money and fame
a bitch ain't gonna change me i'ma be the same

[Kage talking]
Keep goin' I ain' got time to stop
And trust me, a bitch ain't worth it
So go, so go
This is the, this is the, this is the
This is the Real Life

[Hook X1]

Man I wanna make this a classic, last so long that they gon' call it jurassic
The flow of lines opposite of molasses, if you can't read go n' bye some glasses
take special ed readin' classes, cuz ya never know when ya might need it
to plant the grants of the future and the melt maps of the polar ice caps
all defrozen by this decision we've chose, to pollute the earth from our children's birth
watchin' rotten TV on the channels we surf, cartoons, tatoos, its all taboo
we all think it's coo', like checks on ya shoes, but whose really lookin' at who's who
have we become a hypocritical zoo crew, tellin' everybody don't worry 'bout nothin'
I'm sure Obama will fix sumthin', I'm sure McCain will stop all the pain
Of the American people, jumpin' over all the problems like an Olympic leap pole
But we've dug to deep in this economic deep hole rollin' all the debts instead of sayin' lets
try to fix the violence but all I hear is hypnotic silence from the political pirates and the red and white sirens

This, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this
This is the K-G

[Hook X1]

Go DJ, DJ, DJ (*echo*)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

J Dilla Tribute: Assorted Donuts (Tracked Version)

As everyone knows, alotta tragic and untimely deaths have occurred, such as Pimp C, Isaac Hayes, Bernie Mac, Heath Ledger, and even my own grandfather. The only thing we can do is remember and never forget. This leads me to look back to 2006, when the legendary producer J Dilla passed away at the young age of 32, due to cardiac arrest. So today, we look back to a producer who's work will last a lifetime.
To learn more about J Dilla, read his Wiki entry.

1. Intro
2. Talib Kweli "Intro"
3. Notorious BIG "Kick In The Door" (J Dilla Remix)
4. Nas "Hope"
5. Ghostface "Whip Me With A Strap"
6. Jay-Z & The Escorts "Song Cry"
7. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles "A Legend In It's Own Time"
8. Jadakiss "Why"
9. Redman "The Saga Continues"
10. Big L "Put It On"
11. M.O.P. "Pounds Up"
12. Black Thought & Peedi Crack "Freestyle"
13. Black Thought Interlude
14. Kanye West Interlude
15. Busta Rhymes, Rah Digga & Young Zee "Freestyle"
16. Mos Def "Miss Fat Booty"
17. Ghostface "Beauty Jackson"
18. Notorious B.I.G. "Things Done Changed"
19. The Roots "Can't Stop This"
20. J Dilla "Won't Do"

UPDATED: Download Here (Tracked Version)

Friday, September 5, 2008 & Charles [CH] Hamilton

Man I really encourage everyone to go to and check out those comedy sketches, shit is hilarious.

A taste of Mr. Hamilton rright here

Overnightmare Celebrity from jeff on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some of my first lyrics

Durin' the summer, ya know you can't sleep n shit, so I was up at 5am just shit runnin thru my head. The first verse is wack but I got alotta positive feedback on Verse 2. The base for the song is 'Renegade' by Jay-Z & Eminem.

Renegade (Remix)

Verse 1

You about to have a worse week
then the first black to hit the ice rink
'nd now 'bout to sink
a wackos bout to cut of ya genital link
he gon' send it back, so im bout to hit the sack
till nas came in my mind and started to open the blinds of my imprisoned mind
and told me *sleep, sleep is the cuzin of death*
until I heard it was hef
the butler told me he so old can't hear outta his left
ear, guess you can buy playboy from ya local sears
yea rich folk its ya worst fear
oh, dear, they're gonna sue my legal ass right here
But that other guy in superstar told me to have no fear!
so when I present my allaby, all I gotta say is hip-hop
will never say goodbye
unless I die, locked up in a cage
im revivin' hiphop from its early grave
and even if fans rave, critics will stave
it off, like society off goth

[Chorus x2]

Verse 2

let panic ensue
i'm good-en like drew
startin to cook up that stew
send the needy some shoe
and the nets to the unset in Africa,
Bambatta, the US considered the most atheleticata
But all dudes think of is "What do I rate h'er?"
I'm likin' that senorita cuz she got some flava
'Till I tell 'um to clear they minds n' act
cuz it aint always bout the diamonds n crack
or havin the phattest 'lac
its about doin' ya part
cuz thats what really comes from the heart
and deep down, I know every human's smart
But we still all spread apart
N whites swim like sharks
Blacks mean dogs dat bark
Another classification
Of Mr.Noah's ark
Chinks just dere like bark
While they don't do shit
On computers, and just 'bitch bitch bitch'
But don't you understand
Man cannot detest
Man could not understand
that this land
was meant for all to command
and now its all supply n demand
the gas prices be damned
I thought I was an Obama fan
Fuck all Lil Wayne stans
Maybe we'll all exchange hands