Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some of my first lyrics

Durin' the summer, ya know you can't sleep n shit, so I was up at 5am just shit runnin thru my head. The first verse is wack but I got alotta positive feedback on Verse 2. The base for the song is 'Renegade' by Jay-Z & Eminem.

Renegade (Remix)

Verse 1

You about to have a worse week
then the first black to hit the ice rink
'nd now 'bout to sink
a wackos bout to cut of ya genital link
he gon' send it back, so im bout to hit the sack
till nas came in my mind and started to open the blinds of my imprisoned mind
and told me *sleep, sleep is the cuzin of death*
until I heard it was hef
the butler told me he so old can't hear outta his left
ear, guess you can buy playboy from ya local sears
yea rich folk its ya worst fear
oh, dear, they're gonna sue my legal ass right here
But that other guy in superstar told me to have no fear!
so when I present my allaby, all I gotta say is hip-hop
will never say goodbye
unless I die, locked up in a cage
im revivin' hiphop from its early grave
and even if fans rave, critics will stave
it off, like society off goth

[Chorus x2]

Verse 2

let panic ensue
i'm good-en like drew
startin to cook up that stew
send the needy some shoe
and the nets to the unset in Africa,
Bambatta, the US considered the most atheleticata
But all dudes think of is "What do I rate h'er?"
I'm likin' that senorita cuz she got some flava
'Till I tell 'um to clear they minds n' act
cuz it aint always bout the diamonds n crack
or havin the phattest 'lac
its about doin' ya part
cuz thats what really comes from the heart
and deep down, I know every human's smart
But we still all spread apart
N whites swim like sharks
Blacks mean dogs dat bark
Another classification
Of Mr.Noah's ark
Chinks just dere like bark
While they don't do shit
On computers, and just 'bitch bitch bitch'
But don't you understand
Man cannot detest
Man could not understand
that this land
was meant for all to command
and now its all supply n demand
the gas prices be damned
I thought I was an Obama fan
Fuck all Lil Wayne stans
Maybe we'll all exchange hands
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