Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Favorite Joints of '09

Feel free to leave comments on your picks
In no particular order

Favorite Joints of '09

- Deep (Prod. By Black Milk)
Artist: eLZhi

Just a real dope song and production is spot on, eLZhi's lyrics are just sick. The Preface was a great album.

- Rain Drops (feat. Novel)
Artist: Slaughterhouse

The deepest song on their new album, everyone goes hard with the concepts. Plannin' on doin' a review on this to make up for lost time.

- Wu Ohh (New Wu)
[feat. Ghostface Killah & Method Man]

Artist: Raekwon

Crazy debut single off OBFCL2. House of Flying Daggers was the latest leak.

- Auditorium (feat. Slick Rick)
[Prod. By Madlib]
Artist: Mos Def

This and Casa Bey were my favorite songs of The Ecstatic. One of the best albums of the year.

- Beautiful
Artist: Eminem

Favorite song off Relapse, meaningful and passionate with none of that voice accent shit.

- Smile (feat. Twista & Maxwell)

Artist: The Alchemist

Nice underground joint off Chemical Warfare.

That's not everything, but I'll leave it at that so it won't slow down anyone's PC lol.

- Kage

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Late Update

So I've taken a hiatus from the blog, but yea, I don't think many people follow the blog for the blog. Anyways, I picked up Relapse, solid, 7.5-8 I'd give it, and took a listen to Chamber Music produced by RZA, which I'm plannin' to review sooner or later. Also took a run thru The Ecstatic, and now I'm dying for some big joints to drop.

I also put up a Last.fm box above my YouTube link that tells what I'm listenin' to since I'm not too consistent with the video of the day anymore.

Peace, will try to post up later.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Making of "We Made You" by Eminem

Shady still got his funny goin' on haha. You can tell he's been at Popsomp Hills tho. Relapse drops 5/19.

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NBA Awards '09

Ok, I know this is a hip-hop blog but basketball is also something I love, especially the NBA. I decided to give out season awards for the '08-'09 season a la The Basketball Jones.

Most Improved Player
Devin Harris
Devin Harris, New Jersey Nets. This kid made a huge jump from Dallas to the Atlantic City.
Runner-Up: Danny Granger, Indiana Pacers

Defensive Player of the Year
Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic. Dominating in rebounds and blocks, changes a ton of shots as well.
Runner-Up: Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

Coach of the Year
Jerry Sloan
Jerry Sloan, Utah Jazz. Has done an amazing job with all those injuries to his star players and it would cap off his HoF selection. I don't care, it should be a lifetime achievement.
Runner-Up: Mike Brown, Cleveland Cavaliers

Sixth Man of the Year
Jason Terry
Jason Terry, Dallas Mavericks. As much as I hate on Jet, he averages around 20 ppg off the bench and has become the second option to the German.
Runner-Up: Nate Robinson, New York Knicks

Rookie of the Year
Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls. A rookie stud, this kid has been a consistent stream of at least 16 ppg, 6ast. He's lead the Bulls from #1 lottery pick to a 7th or 8th spot in the Playoffs, immediate impact.
Runner-Up: O.J. Mayo, Memphis Grizzlies

Executive of the Year
Danny Ferry
Danny Ferry, Cleveland Cavaliers. Brought in the biggest addition, Mo Williams, a perfect complement to LBJ, and retained Joe Smith later in the season. Some geeat moves to reduce the chance of the King leaving in '10.
Runner-Up: Rex Chapman, Denver Nuggets

LeBron James
LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers. As much as I want Dwyane Wade for MVP (Heat fan), LeBron deserves the MVP, leading the Cavs to their best season ever being the best player in the L.
Runner-Up: Dwyane Wade
3. Chris Paul
4. Dwight Howard
5. Kobe Bryant

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mar. 26 - R.I.P. Eazy Muthaphukkin' E

Eric 'Eazy-E' Wright, 1963-1995.
Defined leadership, the voice of a generation - Compton & N.W.A. Rest In Peace, Eazy.

Props to 2dopeboyz for the info.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb. 15 - Big L Rest In Peace

Yesterday held the 10 year mark of the untimely death of MC Big L. May he R.I.P., I can't believe I forgot.

OG article at okayplayer

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Notorious & The Grammy's

So last weekend, I finally got a chance to go see Notorious. Biggie has always been one of my top 5 favorite mc's since I got into hip-hop, and I have seen countless documentaries about the man. Notorious was just a mediocre, glitzed out one. But fuck what I gotta say and check the review at okayplayer, exactly what I thought about the movie. It wasn't necessarily disappointing because I expected most of it commin' in, but it was too hyped.

In other word's, the muafuckas over at the Grammys fucked the best artists over...again. After bein' introduced in '96, the Grammys have fucked up too many hip-hop greats. And to no surprise, Weezy ran over everyone winning every hip-hop category he was in, except for "Best Rap/Sung Collaboration", which went to Estelle & 'Ye. Check out the rest.

- 2009 Grammy Awards: Rap
- Past Grammy Awards Best Rap Album Winners

*Some winners may leave yo ass frustrated. Feel free to leave yo thoughts in the comments.

My Picks
Best Rap Album

* American Gangster, Jay-Z
* Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne [Winner]
* The Cool, Lupe Fiasco
* Untitled, Nas [My Pick]
* Paper Trail, T.I.

Best Rap Song

* Lil Wayne - "Lollipop" [Winner]
* Flo Rida (Feat. T-Pain) - "Low"
* "Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption"
* T.I. & Jay-Z (Feat. Kanye & Lil Wayne) - "Swagga Like Us"
* Lupe Fiasco (Feat. Matthew Santos) - "Superstar" [My Pick]

Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group

* Big Boi (Feat. Raekwon & Andre 3000) - "Royal Flush" [My Pick BY FAR, but Swagga Like Us had mad hype, it was a good track at least]
* Jay-Z & T.I. (Feat. Kanye West & Lil Wayne) - "Swagga Like Us" [Winner]
* Lil Wayne (Feat. Jay-Z) - "Mr. Carter"
* Ludacris (Feat. T.I.) - "Wish You Would"
* Young Jeezy (Feat. Kanye West) - "Put On"

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration

* Estelle (Feat. Kanye West) - "American Boy" [Winner]
* Flo Rida (Feat. T-Pain) - "Low"
* John Legend & Andre 3000 - "Green Light" [My Pick]
* Lil Wayne (Feat. T-Pain) - "Got Money"
* Lupe Fiasco (Feat. Matthew Santos) - "Superstar"

Best Rap Solo Performance

* Jay-Z - "Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)..."
* Lil Wayne - "A Milli" [Winner]
* Lupe Fiasco - "Paris, Tokyo"
* Nas - "N.i.*.*.e.r. (The Slave And The Master)"
* Snoop Dogg - "Sexual Eruption"
[My Pick: Either Nas's "N.I.*.*.E.R." or Lupe's "Paris, Tokyo woulda been cool wit me.]

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!! (And Free New Jin Mixtape, Meen Fai Rap)

As my boys know I'm Chinese-American proud to be, and Chinese New Year is a great holiday. MC Jin, the rapper, released a mixtape for this occasion and so far it's great, but it is an all-Cantonese (Chinese) Mixtape. But if you like Jin you should check it out. GUNG HAY FOT CHOY!!!

免費 Rap Mixtape Meen Fai Rap Mixtape [Translation: Free Rap Mixtape]

1. 新年快樂 (Happy New Year)
2. 免費 Rap
3. 早晨 (Good Morning)
4. 特別新聞報告(一)
5. 想影相 (Wanna Take A Photo)
6. 靚仔靚女
7. 留口訊
8. 特別新聞報告(二)
9. 四圍 Rap (feat. 24味 & Masta Mic)
10. 特別新聞報告(三)
11. 係又Yo唔係又Yo

Download: Jin - 免費 Rap Mixtape (Meen Fai Rap Mixtape)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Golden Age Run In - Da Youngstas

Cam across these dudes yesterday, turns out they went underground after their first album and became a good hit in the hip-hop golden age. Lovin' this joint right here

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years!

Hope 2009 is a great year for everyone!