Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"I can flow, you can't though, example"

Lollipop? "Fuck outta here, this is my game, fuck outta here, this is NES shoot the duck out tha rear" - Charles Hamilton (at least that's what I hear it as and remember from the song "Don't Touch Me", def not official lyrics haha, but keep an eye out for CH on the new edition of XXL)

That title post is from dat dude Mos Def! Sick vid commin up...

A PRIME example of hip-hop, [Classic Hip-Hop Video of the Day]

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ludacris and 9th Wonder discuss the making of "Do The Right Thing"

Straight off Luda's new album "Theater of the Mind" droppin' 10/25. Ah man, a really dope song wit a great message, Luda and 9th Wonder really killed that shit. And anyone notice 9th Wonder looks like Mos Def? hahahaha...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

GZA On Soulja Boy & 50 Cent

fuck yeeaahh!
hahhah one of da best vids i ever seen

Daily classic hiphop video

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X): The X-Stamp - Lyrics

So this month our Lit class was assigned a reading, and so I picked "The Autobiography of Malcolm X", and man that shit changed my life. The man was a visionary and you won't believe half the shit he does. We also had a list of assignments we could choose from and one was a rap with a minimum of 20 lines, but I made mine a full 3 verses, way over that. All words are pretty 'proper' no slang or curse words or anything cuz had to turn this in. And I gotta say I"M ADDICTED TO FREESTYLIN' LATELY

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X's Arabic Title): The X-Stamp

[ Verse 1 ]
This is Mr. Malcolm X, known as America's T-Rex
The opposite of Martin Luther, Lex, but Jr. is not Superman
Everyone has a kryptonite, you can win debates but you can't win fights, of hate
The state of the way Malcolm was raised might cause you to ask "Why is the world this way?"
And he's got a few things to say but his mind is clouded, he is jack on the bean stock and society the giant
Finally defiant in the sky his ideals are sprouted, spreading the ideas that the hustlers doubted
But he was once one of them doing coke and coughing flem and smoke from a reefer, as he kept going he got trapped, in a jungle fever
Started robbing homes that's the only way he could pay the dealer, they called him Red from Detroit the over-six-foot-tall stealer
But he's not in Pittsburgh not the Steeler's wide receivers, but the last resort in the line of the Tiger's last relievers
Before he was crazy selling any type of narcotic, he was on the dance floor, the opposite of lathargic
Had a girl named Laura, who he could swore he would just adore her every move, and man, she was thinking he was smooth
It was fine and dandy, both people hitting their groove with moves as sweet as candy,
Soundly at the end, they had all the energy they could spend
'Till a lovely cream-colored lady, spade dress not the least bit shady, saw the colored man
And said "I'm doing what ever I can, to get you", soon, Red was seen around the town with this white women!
Fellas getting jealous because he was that zealous, man on the spot, every colored man wished for a piece of what he got
But he forgot all about Laura, the one he could a sworn to, adore, but instead, shes on the streets poor
Selling her body from door-to-door, even smoking reefers more and more, the ocean's too deep, can't swim no more
looks like shes washed up on the sea shore

[ Chorus x2 ]
Malcolm once known as Red
You don't think he could be who he is by the things he said
He relates to the people, X has street cred
Know look at all the people that he's led

[ Verse 2 ]
Seven years pass, now look at Little Malcolm he wears glass
Thinking about the past, he holds his breath *Gasp*
He's behind bars and he knew it was inevitable, he was too well known, #1 street credible
In isolation, any food was eatable but unable to swallow his minds becoming hallow
The log lodged in his mind is making him doubt mankind behind but his siblings send him letters
That make him feel much better, one letter said there was a new black religion setter
Elijah Muhammad, he's teachings help dislodge it, the log stuck in his mind
Rewind, Islam is making him think of the white man's cruel signs
Lines of words run through his mind, he can barely read or write so he starts reading so much he loses sight
But he still knows the plight that plagues his people, he happened to fall in a deep hole
Soul knows he was set too high a bail, inhale the stench of in justice because of white Sophia
Her husband took her back and didn't even hear a "See Ya", but the years pass fast
He's sailing along doesn't even raise the mast, went from Satan to Black Muslim who's never ate an
Pig, county decides that he should be released from the cell in which he resides, there's a change in tides
You could not even guess where he came from, starting over in N.Y., no more puffing illegal lye
Stopped living in the slums, stopped hanging out with bums, he's an intellectual giant but no more of that "Fee Fi Fo Fum"
Meets his mentor Mr. Muhammad the messenger, and his future wife Betty, nothing less than her

[ Chrous x2 ]
From convict to Islamic, starts spreading the religion it's the chronic
It's so ironic, a man who had a preacher father
Went the wrong route and went farther, and now he's the Black Muslim riot starter

[ Verse 3 ]
Brotherhood turns to betrayal, lining the headline news on T.V. cable
Thinks it's all fable but now he's been labeled, banished by the Nation
Vacation becomes Malcolm's first sensation when he hears of the first ration
He gave his life for Elijah with all that strife, but they just used him and man that logic defies him
Limb by limb he forms his own, hone the religion that got him out of prison
But he's tired of all this pressure that's arisen, he sets a decision
Go on a pilgrimage to the Mecca, Ella pays because she knows her Little brother needs it more
She wants to see him end that journey that he bore and soar above the rest
The crest of the moon doesn't seem far anymore, the core of the religion is his new vision
He experiences hospitality that is far beyond reality, away from all of America's racial brutality
But now Malcolm is like a sniper, the pilgrimage broadened his scope and now he's the new sign of hope
Some see him as Islam's pope but how will the people cope when Malcolm sees the Grim Reaper, ladies cry and become weepers
Rivers of tears will sear down their faces but hopefully will unite the races, but it will take years to make it as that case is