Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Charles Hamilton - The Pink Lavalamp (Album)

It's Here. The Final Step in the Hamiltonization Process.
His first album, with Interscope Records, and done before he was signed. Great shit, if you missed out on his mixtapes, do ya self a fava and download them.

1. Music (Intro)
2. Loser
3. She’s So High
4. Voices
5. Boy Who Cried Wolf
6. Let Me Live (feat. Bagdad)
7. Brighter Days
8. The Cookout
9. Sat(t)elite
10. Live Life To The Fullest (feat. Yung Nate)
11. Come Back To You
12. Latte
13. Shinin’
14. I’ll Be Around (Outro)
15. Writing In The Sky (Bonus)

Download: Charles Hamilton - The Pink Lavalamp (Album)

All tracks explained in his blog post.
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