Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NBA Awards '09

Ok, I know this is a hip-hop blog but basketball is also something I love, especially the NBA. I decided to give out season awards for the '08-'09 season a la The Basketball Jones.

Most Improved Player
Devin Harris
Devin Harris, New Jersey Nets. This kid made a huge jump from Dallas to the Atlantic City.
Runner-Up: Danny Granger, Indiana Pacers

Defensive Player of the Year
Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic. Dominating in rebounds and blocks, changes a ton of shots as well.
Runner-Up: Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

Coach of the Year
Jerry Sloan
Jerry Sloan, Utah Jazz. Has done an amazing job with all those injuries to his star players and it would cap off his HoF selection. I don't care, it should be a lifetime achievement.
Runner-Up: Mike Brown, Cleveland Cavaliers

Sixth Man of the Year
Jason Terry
Jason Terry, Dallas Mavericks. As much as I hate on Jet, he averages around 20 ppg off the bench and has become the second option to the German.
Runner-Up: Nate Robinson, New York Knicks

Rookie of the Year
Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls. A rookie stud, this kid has been a consistent stream of at least 16 ppg, 6ast. He's lead the Bulls from #1 lottery pick to a 7th or 8th spot in the Playoffs, immediate impact.
Runner-Up: O.J. Mayo, Memphis Grizzlies

Executive of the Year
Danny Ferry
Danny Ferry, Cleveland Cavaliers. Brought in the biggest addition, Mo Williams, a perfect complement to LBJ, and retained Joe Smith later in the season. Some geeat moves to reduce the chance of the King leaving in '10.
Runner-Up: Rex Chapman, Denver Nuggets

LeBron James
LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers. As much as I want Dwyane Wade for MVP (Heat fan), LeBron deserves the MVP, leading the Cavs to their best season ever being the best player in the L.
Runner-Up: Dwyane Wade
3. Chris Paul
4. Dwight Howard
5. Kobe Bryant